A different approach…


“its about knowing when it is time to lay something to rest.

its about understanding what no longer serves you, (or perhaps, what never even did) and finding a new way instead.

its in surrounding yourself with people and activities that bring you to your best, and keep you from collapsing within and fading away.

its about having enough integrity to care for yourself in the best way possible and ditching that ridiculous “sacrificing self for others” mindset. what good are you to anyone if you have just drained your life force?

its about remembering the times you were the most happy, the most content, the most at peace, and finding the right recipe for your soul. it allowing yourself time and permission to enjoy those things that spark your heart.

its in being open to experiences you never dreamed of, and allowing yourself the freedom to have an adventure no matter how small it may seem.

its possible. it really is.”

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