Marshmallow Snowman…


¼ cup Orange Vanilla Flavored Candy Wafers

¼ cup Milk Chocolate Flavored Candy Wafers

2 mini squeeze bottles

2 writing caps

6 – 6” lollipop sticks

18 jumbo marshmallows

Cinnamon candies (optional)

Waxed paper

Cookie sheet


Push three jumbo marshmallows onto each lollipop stick. The lollipop stick should not go all the way through the last marshmallow. Melt vanilla and milk chocolate candy wafers separately in microwaveable dipping trays. 

Dip marshmallows into melted candy wafers. Tap off excess melted candy wafers by tapping the marshmallow lollipop back into melted wafers horizontally, so the entire length of the lollipop taps the surface of the candy wafers (this will make your coating even.) Lay lollipops down on waxed paper-lined cookie sheet. Chill 10-15 minutes.

Once marshmallow lollipops have set up, melt dark and orange candy wafers. Fill mini squeeze bottles with melted candy wafers and draw details onto gingerbread and snowman characters. Dab melted candy wafers onto cinnamon candies to “glue” them on. Chill 5 minutes.

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