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An infectious, joyous journey through the greatest hits of the 70’s featuring “Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover,” “I Write the Songs,” “Everything is Beautiful,” “Alone Again, Naturally,” “Get Ready,” “Stayin’ Alive,” “We are Family,” “Desperado” and more, more, more! It’s 50 hits together with bell-bottom leisure suits, platform shoes, mood rings and a hilarious rockin’ good time that will propel you through the decade. KC and The Sunshine Band had it right! “Get down, get down, get down, get down tonight!”

And get down we did- Ralph, Joann, Linda and I went to see this today and it was great. We ate at Buca Di Beppo after. It was a very good time. This is the first time we have seen Ralph in about 3 weeks and I can not believe how quickly he is going down hill. We are going to the oncologist with him on Tuesday so someone is asking questions on how to proceed. We will then go to lunch because it is Linda’s birthday and finally a movie (No Reservations).

Friday we are leaving for Osage Beach and staying at the Country Club Resort and Spa. Check out the restaurant- Bourbon Street Grill (I can’t wait) which has world-renowned jazz clarinetist Lynn Zimmer and the Jazz Band. You can also get hot rock massages-Yum. We each have a deluxe suite and should have a nice time. I hope Ralph will be ok with all of this (his idea and request to go). Right now we are trying to be there, spend as much time as possible and support Linda’s sister. I really could have done without this road again but God didn’t ask me so we do what we have to do.

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