Section V Class D Football Champions…


At the Tuesday meeting of the Wayne County Board of Supervisors, the Clyde Savannah High School Football team was honored and congratulated for becoming the Finger Lakes West Conference Co-Champions and New York State Public School Section V Class D Football Champions. Pictured are: Head Coach Nick DerCola and Assistant Coaches Josh Rice, Curtis Sims, Steve Record, Tom Notebaert and Joe DeAngelis, and players Duncan Bastedo, Joemaine Bogan, Josh Bozeat, Ryan Breen, Katy Broach, Alec Carr, Zack DeAngelis, Kam DiSanto, Josh Donselaar, Jarrod Faniel, Joe Faniel, Cal Felker, Jordan Fischette, Lance Goebert, Ryan Groat, Cody Huling, Mike Kaplan, Kirk Lancaster, Mike Larsen, Derrik Mann, Rocco Petrus, Todd Romano, Alex Schrader, Brian Shannon, Tyrone Shannon, Jesse Spino, Michael Turner, Jacob VanDerlinde and Hunter Wilbert Also pictured with the team in Galen Supervisor Steve Groat.

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