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I  am sending this on behalf of our sister and Laney.
RBTL Stars of Tomorrow- you can watch all the videos of the songs or just Delaney’s and vote for her!!!   This could help her get a scholarship. You can vote more than once.

Family News


What a special day…Mama & Papa, Kim and Clark (44 years) and Kevin and Kristy (9 years)!



Today Erin had to put down her dog. Please send her a note or call, she could use a smile!


And so it begins…

Beth’s many pots…

Erin’s load of dirt- new garden beds at the new house!

Matthew helping daddy at the garden- another kid who wears boots!


Golf weekend

Silvie relaxing…

Bear relaxing… in his own spot!~

Delaney’s last event in high school- mom and dad got to go see her perform-brilliant as always!

Kelly getting her porch ready for summer- can’t wait to chill out here!

What have you been up too?

Family News

Delany and family went to visit a potential college for Delaney-they were impressed.

Visiting Belmont University in Nashville, TN.

Family News


Happy Birthday Sue!


Family Events

Dad is on his Myrtle Beach Golf trip that he got for Christmas-Enjoy!

Volleyball has begun- the won all 3 last night… Kelsie is a happy girl!

These 2 are in New York keeping Nana company while dad is golfing.

Family News


Family News

Family News